Jetrax T6
Tool/Weapon Information

The Jetrax T6 was a vehicle created by Artakha before he built the Toa Mata. It was one of the T-Series and was hidden in the Codrex, which was placed in the Universe Core shortly after the creation of the Matoran Universe.

When Toa Nuva arrived in the Codrex The Jetrax T6 was hijacked by Makuta Antroz. He waged a battle with Lewa and Pohatu who had the other two vehicles. Antroz managed to dodge many attacks as the Jetrax was built for speed and was able to move quicker.
However, Antroz finally lost the Jetrax when Kopaka arrived and helped to defeat him. Kopaka then piloted the vehicle as the Toa escaped the Universe Core.
The Vehicle's current status is unknown.


  • The Jetrax T6 was origionally destined to be Kopaka's vehicle, however Antroz stole it.
  • The jetrax T6 adapted Antroz to allow him to pilot the vehicle and also allowed Antroz to see through it by contact.
  • The Jetrax T6 could also be built as the Destral Cycle in an alternate model.

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