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Jetrax T6 Hijacked
Jetrax T6 Reviews
Review Information
NameJetrax T6
Set Number'
Number of Reviews1
Colors Blue, Silver, Black
ToolsMidak Skyblasters
AvailabilityNot available

Review 1

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!


  • Very Sleek: Uses lots of cool, flat pieces. Such as the Aero Slicers, Mistika Shields and silver Krika blades.
  • Good color scheme: Black and silver is great but LEGO went a step further and added an interesting blue to the set, making it seem more colorful yet just as threatening.
  • Complex design: I pray to Mata Nui I don't ever lose the instruction booklet if I lose my mind and break it up!
  • The jets actually flip inwards: A very effective feature that makes the set even more unique. How many vehicles in the real world can do that? It just shows how strange and wonderful the world of Bionicle really is.
  • Cool handlebars: A Silver Jaller Mahri chestplate. It is a good piece to have for MOCing and provides enough space for Antroz to grip it.
  • Large cockpit: Seems more realistic and more plausible. Plus, Cockpits are much cooler to have than a simple back panel as with the other T-Series.
  • 3 Midaks Skyblaster: More than any of the other T-Series Vehicles.
  • Includes a new mold of Jutlin that is both great for MOCing and looks amazing!


  • Antroz figure: Aside from the Mask, he doesn't look very Makuta-like. He looks more like a poorly built Toa and that is off-putting.
  • Hard to get the trigger out again once it has been pushed upwards, then must be pulled down again. Takes two hands!


The Jetrax T6 is a very effective vehicle model. Its very sleek and due to its darker appearance than the other vehicles then I would say it originally was meant for Antroz!
10/10 It is worth doing chores for 2 months! Trust me!

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