Jovan's Team
Jovan's Team Information
Species AffliationToa
AlliesMatoran, Turaga
EnemiesTeridax, Brotherhood of Makuta
GoalReturn Mata Nui to health following the Great Disruption

Jovan's Team was a team of Toa that was destined to heal Mata Nui following the Great Disruption. This involved using the Kanohi Ignika.



Although the Team was led by a Toa of Magnetism named Jovan, he was not an original member of the team. Instead, he joined another existing Toa Team and took the lead.

Great Disruption

Although it is unknown where any of the Toa in the Team originated from, they travelled to Voya Nui during the Great Disruption approximately 79,100 years ago. As events in Metru Nui - Following the Matoran Civil War - had disrupted the Great Spirit's Health, it was the destiny of Jovan's Team to return him to health by using the Kanohi Ignika.
In knowledge of this, the Toa travelled to the Chamber of Life, where the Mask of Life was taken by an Unnamed Toa in the Team. Another Toa - Who wore a Kanohi Olmak - was then able to teleport the group to Karda Nui, where the Ignika Bearer died in order to restore Mata Nui's Health. The Ignika then noted that he was reluctant to die.
Following his death, the Olmak Wearer teleported the Team back to Voya Nui; managing to escape the Energy Storms that commenced following their departure.

Known members

  • Jovan - Transformed into a Turaga; Deceased
  • An Unnamed Male Bearer of the Ignika - Deceased
  • A Toa who wore a Kanohi Olmak- Deceased; Olmak Stolen by the Brotherhood of Makuta
  • A Toa who wore a Kanohi Elda - Status Unknown
  • The remaining members of the team; who presumably became Turaga following the completion of their mission. - Statuses Unknown


  • BIONICLE Legends 1: Island of Doom - Jovan Mentioned
  • Bionicle Legends 6:City of the Lost - Mentioned
  • Bionicle legends 8:Downfall - Unnamed Ignika Bearer Mentioned

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