"Take them to the city. Tonight, we feast ... and tomorrow ... tomorrow, we hunt."
— Kabrua, The Yesterday Quest

Biographical Information
GroupBota Magna Vorox
OccupationBlack and Tan
ToolsAlpha Male
LocationSpherus Magna

Kabrua was a Vorox Alpha Male. He was the leader of his own pack of Bota Magnan Vorox.



Like all Vorox, Kabrua was originally a member of the Glatorian species that were created to serve as Soldiers in the Core War when it took place.

Bota Magna

After the war the Shattering occurred, splitting the species apart. A number of Sand Tribe Glatorian, including Kabrua, were digressed into less evolved, beastly creates called Vorox. However, the Bota Magnan Vorox were not digressed to as much an extent as the Bara Magnan Vorox. Kabrua's tribe still had access to long ranged weaponry; which had been used in the war, could still speak, and had the ability to weave their own nets.

Reformation of Spherus Magna

As Spherus Magna was reformed, Kabrua led his pack into an area of jungle in a Bota Magna forest, where they laid out a netting trap. After Gelu, Toa Zaria, Toa Orde, and Toa Chiara entered the trap, they were captured and surrounded by Kabrua's Vorox pack.
After Zaria and Chiara incinerated the net and attempted to disable their weapons, they were blasted into unconsciousness, leaving only Gelu and Orde standing as the group was taken away.


"I know something of how the Vorox were treated in the desert these past years; hunted, hounded, treated like monsters ... all by the so-called intelligent races. Perhaps it might be a good idea for you and your companions to experience some of what they experienced ... it could prove to be a valuable lesson, if inevitably your last one."
— Kabrua threatening Gelu
"My people are suspicious of strangers at the best of times. Strangers with the ability to create lightning or make objects move -- the world would be a far safer place if such beings were dead."
— Kabrua, The Yesterday Quest


Sand Tribe(v)

Glatorian: Vorox Kabrua

Agori: Zesk

Allies: Malum

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