"Nuparu rocketed into the air straight at Zaktan. Just before he hit the swarm, the Toa of Earth began to rotate in midair, whirling his body faster and faster until he was only a blur."
— Narration, BIONICLE Legends 3: Power Play
Mask of Flight
Power(s)Self-powered flight
Notable Wearer(s)*Nuparu - formerly

The Kanohi Kadin was the Mask of Flight. It allowed its wearer the ability to of flight, allowing them to fly at great speeds and heights. The user can fly from a standing start, unlike the Miru. The Noble Kadin allows the user to fly, but not as fast or as long as the Great one.

Example Usage

Toa Nuparu used his Kadin to fly through Zaktan, breaking up the Piraka's Protodite body in BIONICLE Legends 3: Power Play.

Known Wearers



  • Turaga Jovan - Formerly; Deceased


  • The Kadin is often mistaken for the Miru. The difference is that the Kadin provides a force on the user that pushes them in one direction and allows self-propelled motion, while the Miru only provides the ability to levitate.
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