Kalmah Comic
Group Barraki
Colors Red, Black
Occupation Member of the League of Six Kingdoms
Tools Tentacles, Squid Launcher
Status Alive
Pronunciation Cal-m-ah

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Kalmah was a Barraki warlord and conqueror of the North-western parts of the Matoran Universe.


League of Six Kingdoms

Kalmah's first known story appearance was during his envolvement in the League of Six Kingdoms. His army occupied the North-western regions of the Matoran Universe and formed an empire.
He later formed a pact with the other Barraki and eventually became a member of the League of the Six Kingdoms.
However, Takadox betrayed the League and hinted information to the Brotherhood of Makuta about the armies. The Brotherhood ambushed the armies, during a gathering, and captured the six Barraki warlords. Makuta Teridax then appeared and attempted to have them all killed but Botar appeared and whisked them away to The Pit.


Great Cataclysm

Kalmah was later imprisoned in the Pit for thousands of years until the Great Cataclysm occured, destroying the prison and allowing him to escape.
The six warlords then united as the "Barraki".
During this time, Kalmah formed an army of Sea Squids. Also, due to his exposure to Mutagen in the Pit's waters, Kalmah was mutated into growing a third eye and the ability to share memories with Squids upon contact.

Promo Art Kalmah

A Promotional Image of Kalmah.

The Ignika

When the Ignika arrived in the Pit one of his Squids witnessed its arrival and later told Kalmah of it by use of memory sharing.
Upon telling Pridak of this, the Barraki began to search the Pit for it in hopes of reversing the mutation of the Pit so they could breath Air again and return to the surface.

Set Infomation

  • Kalmah was released in early 2007 as one of the six Barraki sets. His item number was 8917.
  • Kalmah's set also contained a Squid Launcher, as did all Barraki sets.
  • The Kalmah set could also be combined with Takadox and Pridak to form the combiner model of the Zyglak.

Leader: Pridak

Members: Ehlek  • Kalmah  • Mantax

Former Members: Takadox  • Carapar (Deceased)

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