"And here I thought Toa just wore masks to hide their ugly faces."
Hakann, Comic 3:Showdown

Kanohi was the term given to a 'Mask', which had been crafted from a Kanoka Disk. Kanohi were worn by multiple species in the Matoran Universe. These species include Matoran, Toa, Turaga, Makuta and various other forms of Sapeint Beings in the Order of Mata Nui and Dark Hunters.

Animation Metru Nui Kanohi

Several Kanohi in a Ta-Metru Forge.

Legendary Kanohi

Great/Noble Named Kanohi

Toa Mata Kanohi

Toa Metru Kanohi

Toa Inika Kanohi

Toa Mahri Kanohi

  • Arthron, the Mask of Sonar (Worn by Jaller)
  • Faxon, the Mask of Kindred (Worn by Hahli)
  • Volitak, the Mask of Stealth (Worn by Nuparu)
  • Garai, the Mask of Gravity (Worn by Hewkii)
  • Zatth, the Mask of Summoning (Worn by Kongu)
  • Tryna, the Mask of Reanimation (Worn by Matoro)

Toa Hagah Kanohi

Makuta Kanohi

Other Kanohi

Unnamed Kanohi

Canonized Fan-Created Kanohi


A Mask of Scavenging and a Mask of Stealth

Other Unnamed Kanohi

See Also

VahiIgnikaMask of Creation


PehkuiMask of ClairvoyanceKualsiMask of EmulationMask of GrowthMask of Rahi Control
JutlinAvsaFelnasMohtrek ShelekCrast
Other: Golden KanohiInfected KanohiCopper Mask of Victory
Mask of Elemental EnergyAvohkiiKraahkan
Mask of Light and ShadowKirilRodeOlmakOlisi
Mask of IntangibilityMask of Possibilities
Mask of PsychometryMask of MutationMask of Charisma
Mask of AdaptationMask of AgingMask of BiomechanicsMask of ConjuringMask of FusionMask of IncomprehensionMask of ReboundingMask of Sensory AptitudeMask of ScavengingMask of Undeath

Kanohi Nuva:

Hau NuvaKaukau NuvaMiru NuvaKakama NuvaPakari NuvaAkaku NuvaAki NuvaRua Nuva

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