Set Disk Launcher
Kanoka Disk Launcher
Tool/Weapon Information
  • Combat
  • Sport
User(s)Various Beings
StatusSome in use

The Kanoka Disk Launcher was a weapon that was used by a number of beings in the Matoran Universe.


The Kanoka Disk Launcher was a weapon that was crafted to fire Kanoka Disks. The Launchers were most commonly used by the Matoran of Metru Nui for defence as well as convenience and sporting events such as Alkini.
Comic ToaMetru! Kanoka Matoran

Matoran of Metru-Nui using Kanoka Disk Launchers to combat the Morbuzahk.

While the Matoran of Metru-Nui were the most common users of Kanoka Disk Launchers, the Vahki were also mounted with similar launchers as a secondary weapon in their law enforcement attempts.
Although Kanoka did not need Kanoka Disk Launchers, the actual Launchers were still used on Stelt and were mounted on Boats.

Nuhrii Disks of Danger! Kanoka

Nuhrii firing his Kanoka Disk Launcher.




  • Vakama - Lost upon returning to Toa Metru form

Dark Hunters


Comic Disk Launcher

Several Ta-Matoran firing Kanoka Disk Launchers.

Set Information

  • The Rhotuka Launcher was released with the majority of sets in 2004.
  • The standard Kanoka Disk Launcher consisted of one piece. If a Kanoka Disk was placed into the Launcher and the sides of it were squeezed then the Disk would be projected out of the Launcher. A blue-pin would also commonly be used as a handle to connect the Launcher to the hand of a set unless it was mounted onto the set.

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