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Kazi Reviews
Review Information
Set Number8722
Number of Reviews1
ColorsWhite, silver
ToolsEcho Forks
AvailabilityNo longer widely Available

Review 1

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!


  • Good for MOCing: There are two Hordika Necks, a cheap source for a great Matatu and a Nuju Hordika arm.
  • Original: The Matoran of 2006 were a massive step forwards. For the first time, ever, there was a set line which included 5 different builds! Kazi's has to be the best of those five by far!
  • Appearance: He looks sleeker, cooler and strangely less like the stereo-types 'clumsy Matoran' theme that had been going through Bionicle until he was released. He looks more civilized.


  • Articulation: The Legs only have one point of articulation. That gets a little bit annoying at times and makes him seem less professional. It sort of spoils the image of humans relating to Bionicles and makes him less humanoid in a way.
  • Head: When I first bought him in 2006 on holiday in America (Long story ahead!) I brought a pack of 2001 Kanohi incase I got bored of them so I could change their masks around. I couldn't do anything with Kazi as he had the wrong head! GAH!
  • Weapons: Back then they were acceptable but now, with their release with the Heat Vision Rahkshi, they seem overused and clichéd.


Whenever I think of Kazi I think of 2006. It was a great year for Bionicle but strangely he doesn't represent it well enough. There seems to be a bit of a gap that disconects the two.
8/10 Kazi is a great set. I love his character and I love his build. If you can then get him!

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