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Matoro in MNOG
Ko-Matoran Information
Transform toToa of Ice
Preferred LocationsCold Regions

Ko-Matoran were Matoran under the element of Ice. They could not manipulate Ice as such, but they have traits inside them, such as their ability to withstand extremely cold temperature. All Ko-Matoran are Males.


A group of Ko-Matoran shcolars

Know Ko-Matoran

Ta-Matoran  • Ga-Matoran  • Le-Matoran  • Po-Matoran  • Onu-Matoran  • Ko-Matoran  •
Av-Matoran  • Shadow Matoran  • Fe-Matoran  • Ce-Matoran  • Su-Matoran  • De-Matoran  • Ba-Matoran  • Vo-Matoran  • Matoran of Magnetism  • Matoran of Plant Life

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