"They are small creatures, but incredibly fierce and cunning... they attack by surprise, and always in large numbers. They shun bright light and use darkness and fear as a weapon."
Onepu, Mata Nui Online Game

Biographical Information
ColorsRed, Orange, Grey
Species StatusAlive

The Kofo-Jaga are scorpion-like creatures that like heat and dark places.


The Kofo-Jaga are one of the many species created by the Makuta using viruses and liquid Protodermis.

On Metru Nui, Kofo-Jaga lived in Ta-Metru's abandoned foundries. These population later migrated to Mata Nui after the Great Cataclysm.

On Mata Nui the Kofo-Jaga where found in many of Onu-Wahi's caverns, though sometimes they have been seen arround Po-Wahi. Takua encountered a Kofo-Jaga scorpion wearing an Infected Kanohi when he was searching for Pohatu's Toa Stone, and had to defeat the scorpion to retieve the Toa stone.

When Tahu was seeking for his Kanohi Akaku in an underground cavern in Onu-Wahi, he was attacked by a swarm of these scorpions that were infected by Makuta. Tahu tried to defeat them with fire, to an extent that he almost melted the stone bridge he was crossing. The fire only seemed to make the Kofo-Jaga stronger, so Tahu remembered that Gali had said that his best weapon was his mind, and began to loop in the stone bridge, throwing most of the Kofo-Jaga to the chasm. Only one Kofo-Jaga stood on the stone bridge, and after Tahu had taken out it's infected Kanohi it went back to it's nest pacefully.

Later, when Onua and Turaga Whenua were searching for the toa of earth's Kaukau Nuva, he used heat to atract a swarm of Kofo-Jaga, which allowed the Toa and the Turaga to go pass a pair of Manas crabs, collect the Kanohi Nuva and escape the cavern. Later Mata Nui's population of Kofo-Jaga scorpions migrated back to Metru Nui when the Toa Nuva unleashed the Bohrok swarms.

The Kofo-Jaga also lived in the Southern Continent. After the Great Cataclysm one of this colonies of Kofo-Jaga scorpions was trapped in the zone known as Voya Nui after this portion of land was rocked up to the surface of the planet. This population survived the Cataclysm, though it's currently presumed that all of the Kofo-Jaga that lived on Voya Nui are dead since the Toa Mahri destroyed The Cord, sending Voya Nui back to it's original position.

After Teridax was killed by a fragment of Aqua Magna, the Kofo-Jaga and the other Rahi will have to join the mass exodus to Spherus Magna to escape the Matoran Universe before it finally breaks down in order to survive.

Kofo-Jaga VNOG

The Kofo-Jaga in the VNOG


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