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"Krekka! You just woke up every Toa for kios around. A Toa of Fire has spotted your team and you're about to be the guest of honor at a Dark Hunter bake. What are you going to do?"
"Smash him?
Nidhiki attempting to train Krekka, Birth of a Dark Hunter
Krekka LoMN
Species Unknown
Group Dark Hunters
Kanohi None
  • Dark Blue


Element None
  • Guard - Formerly
  • Dark Hunter
Tools Kanoka Disk launcher
Location f
Status Deceased
Pronunciation C-wreck-are

Krekka was a brutish Dark Hunter from a low-class species native to the island of Stelt.


Early Life


Krekka begun his life on Stelt where his species was considered insuperior to Sidorak's species and were made into guards and slaves. Krekka acted as a guard for a number of years until Makuta Gorast tried to enter a place he was guarding. He attacked her, and Gorast destroyed his left eye.

Dark Hunter

Krekka's actions soon reached The Shadowed One's attention and he was recruited into the Dark Hunters. He was then partnered with a treacherous Toa, named Nidhiki, to keep him in line and see that Nidhiki did not betray the Dark Hunters. They were known to have gone on a mission together on the island of Nynrah, where they stole the prototype of the Zamor Launcher.

Metru Nui

When Makuta Teridax imprisoned Turaga Dume and took his form, he hired Krekka, Nidhiki and a Dark Hunter named "Eliminator" to kill off the remaining Toa Mangai. The Toa soon fell until only Lhikan remained. Krekka and Nidhiki went after him and eventually captured him. They then locked him away in a cell in the Canyon of Unending Whispers in Po-Metru, however, little to their knowledge, Lhikan had managed to pass on six Toa Stones to the future Toa Metru. They became Toa and started searching for the Great Disks.



Some time before this, Krekka and Nidhiki tacked down a Po-Matoran named Ahkmou and forced him into helping them. They then tracked down five more Matoran, the remaining five who knew where the other Great Disks were, and trapped them. But the Toa interviened and freed them, causing the two Dark Hunters to have to chase them in hopes of finding the Disks before them. They failed and returned to Teridax, who gae them a new mission of killing the new Toa Metru.

However, when the Toa came to Turaga Dume with the Great Disks and insisted they were worthy Toa, Dume had three of them imprisoned. Toa Vakama, Nokama and Matau escaped and the two Dark Hunters chased them to a chute but the Toa got away again. They then travelled to a chute hub and tortured a Le-Matoran named Kongu into reversing the fault line flow and make the chute unsatble. Miraculously, the Toa survived and headed for Po-Metru in search of Lhikan. The Dark Hunters travelled there and attacked them, managing to capture Matau in an energy web. Had their battle not been interupted by a Kikanalo stanpede then the Dark Hunters may have been able to kill off the other Toa and end the misson, however, He was killed in a mission in Metru Nui after being absorved into Teridax's essence.

Krekka as a set

Krekka in set form

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