BohrokAwaking "Must Clean..."

The Bohrok are coming! And this article is a Stub! You must improve it before the Bohrok Swarms destroy it!

Species Bohrok
Group Bohrok Swarms
Kanohi None
Colors Green
Element Acid
Occupation Restore Mata Nui to it's original state
Tools Acid Shield
Location Bohrok Nest
Status Sleeping
Pronunciation LAY-vahk

The Lehvak were a type of Bohrok that control Acid in the Bohrok Swarms.



Like all other Bohrok, the Lehvak were created by the Great Beings after they had inventing the Baterra.
However, despite this, the creation of the Bohrok were a mistake that came upon the creation of the Av-Matoran. This meant that a percentage of Av-Matoran would be transformed into Bohrok upon their deaths. In an attempt to compensate their mistake, the Great Beings decided to engineer the Bohrok to serve Mata Nui's will.
However, powering the Bohrok was still an issue. When the Av-Matoran transformed into Bohrok naturally, they were empty robotic shells with no organic matter. The solution to this was the Krana. No Bohrok was naturally fitted with a Krana but were all issued with one. All Lehvak were fitted with red colored Kraata.

Metru Nui

A swarm of Bohrok were put beneath Mertru Nui and stayed dormant. A group of Onu-Matoran miners later encontered this swarm and transported them to the Archives, where it was confirmed that they were not assembled manually and that they were powered by organic Krana.
This encounter and the discovered was what Mavrah based his theory on. His theory was that Borhok had once been intelligent life forms that had evolved into machines and it had in fact been correct as Bohrok were the result of Av-Matoran, the intelligent life forms, evolving into machines.

Mata Nui

Several years before the Bohrok were intended to be used, Makuta Teridax awoke the swarms. The Bohrok assumed it was time for them to "cleanse" the island. However, it was not as the Matoran were still on it. The Bohrok attacked the villages in order to remove them from the areas they needed to destroy. The Toa Mata assumed this was some new threat, posed by Teridax and confronted the Bohrok, destroying many.
After the Toa managed to save Ta-Koro from a Pahrak Swarm, they returned to their villages to obtain eight different types of Krana from all six breeds of Bohrok.



A Lehvak

The Lehvak had Acid Shields that enabled them to spray a thick layer of green toxic acid that could melt threw solid rock.

Bohrok Swarms
Queens: Cadohk & Gahdok

Bohrok: Tahnok   Kohrak   Lehvak   Gahlok   Nuhvok   Pahrak  
Bohrok Va: Tahnok Va   Gahlok Va   Pahrak Va   Kohrak Va   Lehvak Va   Nuhvok Va
Bohrok-Kal: Tahnok-Kal   Pahrak-Kal   Gahlok-Kal   Nuhvok-Kal   Lehvak-Kal   Kohrak-Kal
Krana: Krana   Krana-Kal
Other: Av-Matoran   Fohrok

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