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Review 1

By -Matoro1 I HAVE NO PULSE!!! Wait... thats my foot!!! Lesovikk



  • Effective color scheme
  • Mutated torso is for once covered with a vican claw, doesn't look as messy.
  • Recolored Faxon!
  • Recolored Shark-tooth-blade
  • I like how they for once have a thing that allos the weapon to be attached to the back!


  • Cordak
  • 3 claw/feet
  • Effective design
  • Keeps inside color scheme



  • Toa Metru legs look shabby on him. Green rahkshi legs would have been better.
  • Shoulder flaps keep going upwards


  • Looks a bit too much like Takanuva's vehicle. (I cannot spell it! I think its something like ussalnui?)
  • A cockpit would have been better than him just clinging onto it!
  • Twin Cutters at back get bent in that position


I think Lesovikk is one of Bionicle's best characters. He is filled with hate and revenge for the deaths of his team, yet is fighting himself to stay as a good guy and not lose himself to the evils of what he really feels. He seems lost and dark, which is also unusual for a Toa and makes him stand out. Overall, I think he looks good, even mutated and is one of the few bionicles that still look good as mutants.


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