Ignika resurrecting Mata Nui
Matoran Prefix None
Colors None

Life is a Legendary Element, like Time.


  • Creating Life
  • Bring things to life
  • Controlling and Absorbing life energizes
  • Enlarging beings
  • Aging beings
  • Evolve or devolve beings
  • Accelerate Life processes (Pulse, breathing)
  • Shapeshifting
  • Using a life Nova Blast
Vezon Cursed

The Ignika cursing Vezon



Thok animating stone

Thok using his non-elemental powers to defeat Rediak and Avak


  • Takutauva does not control Life. He used a portion of is own life force to save Jaller from death.
  • Thok can bring Objects to life. But he does not control life elementally
Elements (v|e)

Normal Elements: FireWaterAirStoneEarthIce
ShadowLightIronSandPlant LifePsionics

Legendary Powers: TimeLife

Non-Toa Element: Acid

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