Comic Umbra using Light
Matoran Prefix Av-
Colors White and Gold

Light is a Elemental Power.


  • Channeling Light.
  • Creating Light.
  • Moving as fast as light.
  • Turning into a beam of light. - Umbra-exclusive
  • Making a Nova Blast of Light. - Toa-exclusive
  • Shooting lasers. - Toa-exclusive


Matoran Universe

Matoran Species

  • All Av-Matoran
  • All Toa of Light
  • All Turaga of Light
    • Turaga Takanuva - In an alternate universe

Takanuva using his powers of light


  • Umbra
  • Takutanuva
  • The Makuta of the Melding Alternate Universe
  • Teridax (Melding Alternate Universe)
  • The Kanohi Avohkii
Elements (v|e)

Normal Elements: FireWaterAirStoneEarthIce
ShadowLightIronSandPlant LifePsionics

Legendary Powers: TimeLife

Non-Toa Element: Acid

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