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From the beginning of the Bionicle storyline, there have been a great number of Locations used in the Story Line. Below is a list of the known locations mentioned throughout the Bionicle Story.

Solis Magna System

Spherus Magna

Bara Magna

  • Atero - A village formerly inhabited by Agori and Glatorian of different Tribes.
  • Vulcanus - A Village formerly inhabited by the Fire Tribe
    • Vulcanus Area
  • Tesara - A Village formerly inhabited by the Jungle Tribe
    • Hot Springs - A cluster of geysers near Tesara
    • Tesara Arena
  • Iconox - A Village formerly inhabited by the Ice Tribe
    • Iconox Arena
  • Tajun - A village formerly inhabited by the Water Tribe
    • Tajun Arena
    • Underground Lab of the Great Beings
  • Black Spike Mountains
    • Roxtus - A Village formerly inhabited by the Rock Tribe
      • Roxtus Arena
      • Tuma's Tower
    • Skull Mountain - The Mountain range where the head of the Prototype Robot landed in an Experiment of the Great Beings
    • Dark Falls - A Large Waterfall
      • Gatherers Hideout - A Bone Hunter camp beneath the Dark Falls
  • Wastelands - A large expanse of Sand formerly inhabited by the deegressed Sand Tribe
    • Iron Canyon - A large, barren canyon in the Wastelands
    • Bone Hunter Stronhold - A fortress inhabited by the Bone Hunters
    • Sea of Liquid Sand - An area of Liquid-like sand
    • Sundry Canyon - A Canyon that was east of Tajun
    • Knee Island - An island in the sand created where the Knee of the Prototype Robot landed in an Experiment of the Great Beings
    • Dunes of Treason - The western expanse of the Wastelands
    • Skrall River - A river occupied by the Skrall
    • Creep Canyon - An area between the Dunes of Treason and Skrall River
  • Mega Village - The result of the four villages being combined into one; was later used as the Prototype Great Spirit Robot

Bota Magna

  • Field of Mist - A Former battlefield, used by the Elemental Lord of Fire and Elemental Lord of Water's armies, during the Core War
  • At least one settlement of Native Agori and Glatorian
  • Original Homeland of the Skrall
  • Lein's Drift - A river named after an Agori called Lein

Aqua Magna

  • Mata Nui - Returned to Original State; Destroyed
    • Ta-Wahi
      • Charred Forest
      • North March
      • Mangai Volcano
      • Ta-Koro
        • Wall of History
        • Ta-Suva
        • Ta-Koro Kohlii Stadium
    • Ga-Wahi
      • Ga-Koro
        • Ga-Suva
        • Ga-Koro Kohlii Stadium
      • Naho Bay
        • Naho Falls
        • East Garden
        • Hura-Mafa River
        • Temple of Purity
      • Old Fusa Path

Matoran Universe

LoMN Le-Metru


MU Visorak Island


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