It's unknown who created the Makoki Stone but it eventually ended up on a island fortress that was guarded by Lhikan and several other Toa. The team's purpose was to protect the stone at all costs but after realzing that their were Frostelus living near bye the team leader
150px-CGI Makoki Stones Assembled-1-
decided to smuggle the stone to a safer location. However rogue Skakdi named Hakann and Vezok stole the stone before they could do so. The two later joined the Dark Hunters and handed the stone over to the leader of the organization; The Shadowed One. The Shadowed One split the stone in six and auctioned each piece off for profit. The Brotherhood of Makuta bought all six stones and hid it in their fortress on Destral. The Toa Hagah later stole the stones along with the Mask of Light and hid the stones around the island of Metru Nui for seafe-keeping. The Toa Hordika later found these stones and used them to unlock a chamber where the Mask of Life was hidden. They later brought the stones with them to the island of Mata Nui and hid them in each Wahi where they were found by the Toa Mata several centuries later. The Toa Mata used them as keys to Teridax's lair and they were lost in the proccess.


The Makoki stone was inscribed with secret information about the Brotherhood of Makuta and profiles of all their members and information about their bases. However it was writen in a very old language and their fore could not be understood by most.

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