Teridax Great Spirit
Makutaverse Rebellion Force
Makutaverse Rebellion Force Information
Species AffliationEvery Species opposing the Makuta
AlliesOrder of Mata Nui, Dark Hunters
EnemiesTeridax and his allies


Tahu's Team

Macku's Team

Takanuva's Team


  • Gali
  • Nuparu - On his way to Destral to meet Takanuva and Pohatu
Makutaverse Rebellion Force(v|e)
Team 1: Tahu
  Lariska   Jerbraz   "Guardian" (Deceased)   Johmak   Kopeke   Krahka   Onua
Team 2: Kapura   Macku   Hafu   Tuyet   Lewa/Tren Krom
Team 3: Takanuva   Pohatu

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