Mask of Rahi Control
Mask of Rahi Control
Power(s)Allows the user to control Rahi
Notable Wearer(s)Kualus

The Mask of Rahi Control was an unnamed Kanohi that allowed its user to control multiple Rahi. It was able to do this due to their inferior intelligence to the wearer. As most Rahi have inferior intelligence to the wearer, they usually did not have the willpower to resist the Mask of Rahi Control's power. However, only two known Rahi species have been confirmed to have full immunity to the mask; mainly Krahka's Species and Keetongu's Species.

Example Usage

In Dwellers in Darkness, Kualus used his Mask of Rahi Control to awaken a nearby Rahi in the Archives. However, Toa Mahri Hahli struck him and he lost control of the creature, sending it on a rampage.

Known Wearers


  • Toa Hagah Kualus - In the shape of a Past Hero's Kanohi as a sign of respect


  • Interestingly, any Mask of Rahi Control would have difficulty influencing Insects. Although it was able to control them, they had some degree of immunity to the direct control established on other Rahi.
  • Krahka's Species and Keetongu's Species were intelligent enough to be fully immune to the powers of the Mask.
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