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Mata Nui
Mata Nui (Island)
Primary ResidentsMatoran, Rahi
Former Residents
LocationAqua Magna (Formerly, Destroyed)

Mata Nui was an island which the Matoran of Metru Nui were taken to after Teridax's first defeat. It was originally formed when Matoran Universe crash-landed on Aqua Magna, causing the Great Cataclysm to occur.



The Island of Mata Nui was formed on the surface of Aqua Magna when the Great Cataclysm occured. As Mata Nui crash-landed on the planet, the Mata Nui Robot was separated from the Red Star and it lost power. As Mata Nui became comatose, the Matoran Universe Robot was forced to activate a camouflage system. As a result, Energized Protodermis began to pour from the Robot, which eventually caused plantlife to evolve at a dramatic rate on the rock mass.

Mata Nui, as seen in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn.

As several tunnels were created between Metru Nui and Mata Nui, the Rahi that were freed from the Archives during the Great Cataclysm migrated towards the island. They were soon followed by the Toa Metru as they searched for a new island for the Matoran of Metru-Nui to live on. They decided the island was ideal and left to return to Metru Nui for the Matoran. When they returned, the six Toa sacrificed their Toa Power to reawaken the Matoran.

The Dark Time


However, one year after the Matoran colonisation of Mata Nui, Makuta Teridax arrived on the island and began Infecting Kanohi Masks with his essence. He then began capturing Rahi and fitting them with such Kanohi, causing them to become influenced by his will. Teridax then began to send his Rahi minions to attack Matoran settlements. However, an Av-Matoran named Takua - Who was disguised as a Ta-Matoran - managed to activate six Toa Stones to summon the Toa Mata.

Mata-nui now

Mata Nui in a barren state after being cleansed by the Bohrok.

Animation Mata Nui Face under Mata Nui Island

Mata Nui rising, breaking the camoflage cover and destroying the island in the process.

Concept Art Mata Nui Cross Section

A Cross Section of the Island of Mata Nui.

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