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Matoran Matau
Kanohi Powerless Mahiki
Colors Dark Green
Element Air
Occupation Driver

Matau was a Matoran who became the Toa Metru of Air. He was mutated into a Toa Hordika and later he became a Turaga.



Similarly to most other Toa of Air, matau began his life as a Le-Matoran. He lived in Le-Metru and worked as a tester for the latest vehicles until Toa Lhikan gave him a Toa Stone. As a crash driver, he worked with Orkahm, who Matau had replaced.

The Matoran followed the instructions that came with it and journeyed to the Great Temple of Ga-Metru to meet the other Matoran who were destined to become Toa. They inserted their Toa Stones into the Toa-Suva and were transformed into Toa-Metru.

Toa Metru
Kanohi Great Mahiki
Group Toa Metru
Colors Dark green, Grey
Element Green
Occupation Protector of Le-Metru
Tools Slicers


At some point prior to becoming a Toa, Matau was approached by Toa Lhikan. The Toa of Fire then gave him a Toa Stone before setting off to deliver another to the other future Toa Metru.

Matau then journeyed to the Great Temple, where he met Vakama, Nokama, Whenua, Onewa and Nuju, all of whom had also been given Toa Stones by the late Toa Lhikan before his disappearance. Following Nokama, he put his Toa Stone into the Temple's Toa Suva and was transformed into a Toa. The Team found weapons and set off in search of the six Great Kanoka disks, of which they hoped to obtain to convince Turaga Dume that they were worthy Toa.

Turaga Matau
Species Turaga
Group Turaga of Metru Nui
Kanohi Mahiki
Colors Green
Element Air
Occupation Turaga of Le-Metru, adviser for Turaga Dume
Tools Kau Kau Staff
Location Metru Nui
Status Alive
Pronunciation Mah-tow

Toa Metru/Hordika(v|e)
Leader: Vakama
Nokama  • Matau  • Onewa  • Whenua  • Nuju
Toa of Air(v|e)
Lesovikk  • Iruini  • Nidhiki  • Matau  • Lewa  • Kongu  • "Spinner"

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