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TLR Matoran
Species Matoran
Colors Various
Homeland Various
Abilities Elemental Powers - Inaccessible
Species Status Active
Pronunciation Ma-TOAR-an

Matoran were the main species that inhabited the Matoran Universe. They were also to be the key element of the Matoran-Toa-Turaga species.



AOSR Great Spirit Robot Construction

A number of Matoran constructing the Matoran Universe.

The Matoran initially came into being on Spherus Magna after the Great Beings decided to create their Matoran Universe. Basing their experiments off of their previous Agori creations, the Great Beings brought the first Matoran in existence - an Av-Matoran named Takua. Satisfied with the result, they began to create more Matoran, creating different Elemental Powers powers for them and issuing every single one with a Kanohi Mask.
The Matoran were then put to work in the construction of the Matoran Universe while the Great Beings worked to create more species to inhabit the Robot. During this period, a powerful entity named Tren Krom was placed in control of the Universe while it was being built by Matoran.

Weird Matoran

Several Matoran on Metru-Nui.

Matoran Universe

Shortly before the Core War broke out on Spherus Magna, the Matoran Universe was completed by the Matoran labourers and Mata Nui replaced Tren Krom as the ruler of the Matoran Universe upon its activation. The Matoran then migrated into the robotic body and worked to maintain it. The Matoran Universe then departed Spherus Magna.

Art Workers In Mata Nui

Matoran working within the Matoran Universe.

Known Matoran Types

Primary Matoran Types

Matoran Company

The Chronicler's Company.

Secondary Matoran Types

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