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Promo Art Mazeka
Mazeka Reviews
Review Information
NameMazeka & Skyfighter
Set Number'
Number of Reviews2
Colors White, Silver, Gray
ToolsMidak Skyblaster
AvailabilityNot available

This page includes the Swamp Strider reviews

Review 1

By -Matoro1 I HAVE NO PULSE!!! Wait... thats my foot!!!



  • Volitak
  • One of the only three 2008 matoran to have their hands the same color as their arms! (Others are Vican & Vultraz!)

Swamp Strider

  • Legs: Powerful, well supported, sturdy
  • Shooting function: Easy, simple, 'push button on back to shoot' technique
  • 360o shooting angle!
  • Handle Bars: cool & simple



  • Same limbs as Solek
  • Literally Solek with a new mask and hands!
  • Blue pins????
  • Color scheme: Silver volitak, grey torso/feet, light green head, 4 blue pins and white limbs & hands...5 different colors!
  • No tools?!?!?!?!?!

Swamp Strider

  • Too many different colored little fiddly bits on legs
  • Color scheme: gunmetal, black, orange (pins), Gali mata blue, dark blue, silver, grey, red... Shall I go on?


I would say Mazeka is not a very good set due to his 'Far too simple/overused design' and his 'bizare color scheme'. However, the swamp Strider makes up for this. I think Lego focused a bit too much on the Swamp strider and not enough on Mazeka himself.

Review 2

By User:VezonToaofChaos


Mazeka is the same as Solek except he has a Volitak, the same mask as Nuparu Mahri. I know a lot of people will like this, as the mask seems to be popular on MOCs. I see no point in bothering to buy Solek if you get Mazeka, who comes with his death machine.

Unlike the other Av-matoran, Mazeka doesn't wear a Jetpack. It bothered me that Vultraz din't have wings, but I don't mind this- Jetpacks don't grow from Matoran backs like the wings were supposed too. And if you want jetpacks, you can get two from Lewa Phantoka without wasting money on Av-Matoran.

Comparing Mazeka to Solek:

  • Mazeka has a Volitak, while Solek has his new unnamed mask. Mazeka- 1 Solek- 0
  • Solek is a waste of money alone. Mazeka is free with the Swamp Strider. Mazeka- 2 Solek- 0

Swamp Strider:

The Swamp Strider is fun, it was a good, unique build, different from any of the other vehicles. It stand s on Carapar Claws, whch is rather odd, but it works. I also don't think there's any reason to buy Gavla when you can get the claws here along with a matoran to replace Solek.



  • Volitak
  • You basically get a free Solek without his boring masks.

Swamp Strider:

  • 360-degree handle
  • Plenty of Zamors
  • Gives you a matoran without wasting money



  • Limbs are the same as Solek's-hey could've given them different limbs

Swamp Strider:

  • Those Carapar Claws look tiny underneath the death machine


The Swamp Strider is worth the money, and you get the matoran with wasting $8.00 on a five-piece set.


Buy Mazeka. Dion't be fooled into buying Solek or Gavla when you can get Mazka with his death machine. 8.5/10

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