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Species Makuta
  • Brotherhood of Makuta - Formerly
  • Order of Mata-Nui
Kanohi Mask of Mutation
Colors Red, black, silver
Element Shadow
Occupation Former leader of The Brotherhood of Makuta
Location Bota Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Miss-er-ricks

Makuta Miserix was the first leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta until he was overthrown by Makuta Teridax.


Early life

Miserix was appointed as the first leader of the Brotherhood and ruled the organisation before its corruption. Under his reign he sent Makuta Icarax, Makuta Mutran and Pridak to Xia to make the Vortixx lower their prices and attended a meeting with the Barraki warlords as they rebelled, hence dispatching Takadox as a spy. Miserx was not present at the fall of the League of the Six Kingdoms as he trusted Teridax to take care of the situation.
When Metru-Nui burst out into a civil war, Miserix was forced to make the Brotherhood act. When Teridax set all of the Rahi in the Archives out on the War leaders and stopped the war, Miserix decided to dispatch a Makuta to watch over every island and contient in the Matoran Universe.

Brotherhood of Makuta (v

Former leaders: Teridax • Miserix

Former Members: (All Deceassed) Vamprah  • Antroz  • Gorast  • Krika  • Chirox  • Bitil  • Mutran  • Icarax  • Kojol  • Tridax

Former Servants and Allies: Sidorak (Deceassed)  • Rahkshi  • Visorak  • Exo-Toa  • Roodaka  • Brutaka  • Toa Hagah  • Ahkmou  • Shadow Matoran  • Pridak

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