"We're Toa. Don't we always win in the end?"
— Nikila, Dreams of Destruction
Species Matoran, Toa
Group First Toa Team
Kanohi Mask of Possibilities
Colors Blue, White
Element Lightning
Occupation Protector of the Matoran
Tools Trident
Location N/A
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Nih-kee-lah

Nikila was one of the Toa from Lesovikk's Team. Nikila and Lesovikk were best friends.


First Toa Team

Little is known about the early years of Nikila's life. Like all Toa of Lightning she would have been a Matoran of Lightning until she became a Toa.
As a Toa, Nikila joined the First Toa Team. The Toa protected their homeland and helped the Matoran when help was needed. Nikila had lots of good tactics and had a way of coming up with them. She was made tactical leader of the Toa under Lesovikk's primary command. Nikila and Lesovikk became close friends.

One day when the Toa were patrolling area outside their homeland, a group of Zyglak encountered the team. Lesovikk failed to react in time; this resulted in the rest of Lesovikk's team being killed.


"Zyglak. You were killed by Zyglak."
"What? Those losers killed me? Not on their best day.
— Lesovikk and Nikila, Dreams of Destruction



  • Nikila was the first non-Toa of Water to be a female Toa.
  • The Nikila official picture was drawn by Vrahno and won in a Kanohi Journal Art Contest, and was accepted by Greg Farshtey as the canon image.

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