"...I am summoning every last bit of moisture from the air for hundreds of kios around. I am merging it together, bending it to my will, preparing to unleash all my elemental power in one single explosion of force."
Gali, Toa Nuva Blog

A Nova Blast is when a Toa releases all of their Elemental Power at once, creating a massive amount of their corresponding Element. Toa must wait for a long while before they can do another one of these, as it takes time for their Elemental Energy to recharge.

Jaller Preparing Nova

Jaller preparing to do a Nova Blast

Example Usage

Gali performed a Water Nova Blast to defeat Icarax in the the Toa Nuva Blog.


  • Toa Hordika cannot perform Nova Blasts although they can charge their Rhotuka to near Nova Blast levels and Turaga are unable to perform Nova Blasts at all.
  • Although Toa Ignika was not a real Toa, he could perform a Life Nova Blast.

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