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Species Bohrok
Group Bohrok-Kal
Kanohi None
Colors Black, Silver
Element Gravity
Occupation Free the Bahrag
Tools Gravity Shield
Location Bohrok Nest
  • Body: Crushed into a dark hole
  • Krana-Kal: imprisioned by Turaga Whenua
Pronunciation NU-vohk KAL

Nuvohk-Kal was one of the six Bohrok chosen by the Bahrag to become one of the six Bohrok-Kal, a failsafe for if an enemy or a natural force defeated the Bahrag.



Nuhvok-Kal, like all Bohrok-Kal, was created when the Bahrag submerged a regular Nuhvok in a mysterious substance. The resulting Bohrok had gravity powers and an intelligent type of Krana called Krana-Kal. He was put to sleep, awaiting for the day in which the Bahrag should be defeated. When the Toa Nuva defeated the Bahrag, the Bohrok Queens send a telephatycal to Nuhvok-Kal and the other Bohrok-Kal, telling them that it was time to start their quest.

Abilities and Traits

Being a Bohrok of Gravity, Nuhvok-Kal carried two Gravity Shields, which it used to channel its gravitational power. Like all other Bohrok, Nuhvok-Kal often carried a Krana-Kal within its head plate. In addition to this, the Nuhvok-Kal was incredibly powerful. However, this also meant that it was considerably slow.


Bohrok Swarms
Queens: Cadohk & Gahdok

Bohrok: Tahnok   Kohrak   Lehvak   Gahlok   Nuhvok   Pahrak  
Bohrok Va: Tahnok Va   Gahlok Va   Pahrak Va   Kohrak Va   Lehvak Va   Nuhvok Va
Bohrok-Kal: Tahnok-Kal   Pahrak-Kal   Gahlok-Kal   Nuhvok-Kal   Lehvak-Kal   Kohrak-Kal
Krana: Krana   Krana-Kal
Other: Av-Matoran   Fohrok

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