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Nuhvok Va
Nuhvok Va
Species Bohrok Va
Group Bohrok Swarms
Kanohi None
Colors Black
Element Earth
Occupation Restore Mata Nui to it's original state
Tools Claws
Location Bohrok Nest
Status Sleeping
Pronunciation Noo-vahk VAH

The Nuhvok Va are a type Bohrok Va that assigned to help the Nuhvok in their task to return Mata Nui to it’s former state.


The Nuhvok Va, along with the rest of Bohrok Va types, were created by the Great Beings to aid the Bohrok in the task of returning Mata Nui to its original barren state. The Nuhvok Va were assigned to help the Nuhvok. After they were created, they were placed in hibernation in various Bohrok Nests, waiting for their time to come.

However, the Bohrok Swarms, including the Nuhvok Va, were awakened early by a signal sent by Makuta after he was defeated by the Toa Mata, giving him time to recover. Upon their awakening, the Nuhvok Va aided the Nuhvok in the Bohrok Invasion, scouting ahead the territories seeking for dangers and replacing the Krana of the Nuhvok that had lost them.

Abilities and Traits

The Nuhvok Va aren’t good at heavy digging, but they can burrow out of most situations. They can squeeze through small gaps and can see in the dark. They slip from shadow to shadow, pausing to listen when they arrive to the next shadow.


All Nuhvok have a pair of Claws which they use to make small tunnels beneath Mata Nui to travel on their own, as well as a Krana for in case a Nuhvok lost its own.

Set Information

The Nuhvok Va was released in the first half of 2002, its set number being 8555. The set contained 26 pieces, and could be combined with Kohrak Va to create the Mata Nui Fishing Bird model. The Nuhvok Va could also be combined with Tahnok Va and Pahrak Va to create a Bohrok Va kaita.


Bohrok Swarms
Queens: Cadohk & Gahdok

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Bohrok Va: Tahnok Va   Gahlok Va   Pahrak Va   Kohrak Va   Lehvak Va   Nuhvok Va
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Krana: Krana   Krana-Kal
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