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Species Robots
Group Vahki
Region Ta-Metru
Colors Dark Red, Grey
  • Staffs of Command
  • Kanoka Disk Launchers
Occupation Enforcing law in Ta-Metru
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation New-rahk

Nuurakh were a model of Vahki who patrolled Ta-Metru.


The Nuurakh were the Vahki that patrolled Ta-Metru. They were the fastest Vahki model, and they often ambushed their enemies. When Nuurakh couldn't find a Matoran who broke the law, they would often fight amongst themselves. Their Staff of Command could make a Matoran do a task overriding all other thoughts until the effect wore of hours later.

They were all destroyed when the Visorak invaded Metru Nui.

Animation Nuurakh

The Nuurakh in animation form.


  • The set Nuurakh came out in 2004 and it had 33 pieces.

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