"Lesovikk said Karzahni can show you alternate events--usually horrifying ones, intended to terrify you. [...] what if he showed you a future--or a past--that you wished for? And what if you wanted it so much...that you stayed trapped in that vision forever?"
Sarda, Dreams of Destruction
Mask of Alternate Futures
Power(s)Shows alternate timelines and potential futures
Notable Wearer(s)Karzahni (formerly)

The Kanohi Olisi is the only Great Mask of Alternate Futures created by the Great Beings. The Olisi gives its user the power to project an alternate timeline or a possible future into one or more being's minds. The user will also share in the vision. While the user can place a vision in a target's head and let it run on its own, this makes the vision easier to break out of.

Example Usages

  • Karzahni used his Kanohi to show Jaller what would have happened if he hadn't saved Takua during the quest for the Toa of Light in BIONICLE Legends 2: Dark Destiny. Karzahni later used his mask to create a vision of what would happen if Mata Nui died.
  • Karzahni also 'planted' an alternate timeline vision in Lesovikk's head. However, the Toa was able to break out of it after he realized it was false.



  • Karzahni - Formerly; now fused to his face


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