250px-Onu Koro MoL-1-
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsOnu-Matoran, Whenua, Onua

Onu-Koro was the village of Earth of the island of Mata Nui.


After the Great Rescue, Turaga Whenua and the Onu-Matoran built Onu-Koro in a large cavern underground. The Ussalry was soon assembled as a defense force against infected Rahi and Onepu was appointed as captain. When Onua arrived on Mata Nui it became his home and he helped defend the village. During the Bohrok's attack on the village, a horde of Gahlok flooded the cave and it was almost completely rebuilt afterwards. The Rahkshi later completely destroyed the village on their search for the herald of the seventh Toa.


Onu-Koro was home to Onu-Matoran who were miners or members of the Ussalry by occupation. The village was also home to Whenua and Onua.


Onu-Koro was located in a deep cavern in Onu-Wahi. The village itself was very nice and had streams running threw the village and cobblestone paths. The village was lighte by Lightsones and the houses were made of rock or clay.

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