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Oohnorak as a set
Species Visorak
Colors Black, Yellow
Tools Rhotuka
Status Active
Pronunciation ooh-noar-ack

Oonorak were a breed of Visorak.



Oonorak, like all other Visorak, were created by Makuta Chirox. Their destructiveness was tested when they conquered a nearby island, renamed Visorak in honor of the spider-like Rahi.

Invasion of Metru Nui

After Teridax was imprisoned in a Toa Seal of Protodermis; the Visorak Horde, under Sidorak and Roodaka; was deployed to occupy the City of Legends. They dispersed after the Toa Metru defeated the Hordes.

The Oonorak once used their voice mimicry powers to get Toa Matau to open a door for them, pretending they were Matoran.

Reign of Shadows

When Makuta Teridax took control of the Matoran Universe, he re-created the Oonorak to act as a part of his legions.


Oonorak had black armor. They had the ability to telepathically mimic the voice of an enemy's friend. Their Rhotuka Spinner was able to numb a victim.


  • BIONICLE Encyclopedia
  • BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows

Set Information

  • An Oonorak was released as a set in 2005.


  • Oonorak were often used to pull Visorak Battle Rams used by the hordes, and in place of them when they were not there.

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