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Mata Nui Symbol
Order of Mata Nui
Order of Mata Nui Information
Species AffliationVarious
AlliesArtakha, Toa, Ehlek's species, Dark Hunters, Miserix, Skakdi, Keetongu, Barraki, Dark Hunters (Formerly)
EnemiesBrotherhood of Makuta (Formerly), Teridax
GoalTo serve the will of Mata Nui, defeat Teridax

The Order of Mata Nui was a covert organization dedicated to serving the will of Mata Nui. It was known to have proceeded the Hand of Artahka. However, the Order emerged from secrecy and declared war on the Brotherhood of Makuta - a corrupt organization that had become their greatest rival. This event was known as the Order of Mata Nui/Brotherhood of Makuta War or as the Destiny War.



The Order of Mata Nui was formed approximately 100,000 years ago, following the Hand of Artahka becoming defunct due to the poor discipline standards of its agents. One such member of the disbanded group - a Toa of Water named Helryx - opposed the idea of the Matoran Universe being without such an organization. As a result, she proposed a new organization to proceed the Hand. This idea was popular among a number of former agents and most of the Hand of Artahka members ended up joining Helryx's new organization, which would eventually be named the Order of Mata Nui.



Maxilos and Spinax, two former Order servants

  • Helryx - Leader
  • Axonn
  • Brutaka
  • Trinuma
  • Tobduk
  • Johmak
  • Jerbraz
  • Krakua
  • Mazeka
  • Botar's Replacement
  • Two unnamed members who planted an explosive device on Artidax.
  • Several members who were patrolling the streets of Metru Nui and participated in its defense when the Brotherhood of Makuta launched their final assault.
  • A winged female member who informed Tahu and Onua of the Rahkshi's movements after Teridax's takeover.
  • "Ancient" - (Formerly; now deceased)
  • Botar - (Formerly; now deceased)


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