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Species Bohrok
Group Bohrok Swarms
Kanohi None
Colors Brown, Tan
Element Stone
Occupation To serve the Order of Mata Nui
Tools Stone Shield
Location Bohrok Nest
Status Dormant
Pronunciation PAH-rahk

The Pahrak were a specimen of Bohrok that could manipulate Stone.



Like all other breeds of Bohrok, a Pahrak would be created when an Av-Matoran completed their destiny. Upon their death or action, the Matoran would transform into the form of a Pahrak.


Set Information


Bohrok Swarms
Queens: Cadohk & Gahdok

Bohrok: Tahnok   Kohrak   Lehvak   Gahlok   Nuhvok   Pahrak  
Bohrok Va: Tahnok Va   Gahlok Va   Pahrak Va   Kohrak Va   Lehvak Va   Nuhvok Va
Bohrok-Kal: Tahnok-Kal   Pahrak-Kal   Gahlok-Kal   Nuhvok-Kal   Lehvak-Kal   Kohrak-Kal
Krana: Krana   Krana-Kal
Other: Av-Matoran   Fohrok

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