Pahrak-Kal set
Species Bohrok
Group Bohrok-Kal
Kanohi None
Colors Brown, silver
Element Plasma
Occupation Free the Bahrag
Tools Plasma Shield
Location Bohrok Nest
Pronunciation PAH-rahk-KAHL

You may be looking for the Pahrak-Kal Reviews

Pahrak-Kal was the Bohrok-Kal of Plasma.


Early History

Pahrak-Kal was at one point an Av-Matoran. It transformed into a Pahrak, and was later exposed to a mutagenic substance, which transformed it into a Bohrok-Kal. This transformation granted Pahrak-Kal the ability to think independently from the Bohrok Queens and the Krana, speak, as well as control Plasma. Pahrak-Kal then went into a hibernative sleep until it would might one day be called to fulfill it's mission of freeing the Bahrag.

Quest for the Bahrag

Pahrak-Kal awakened shortly after the defeat and imprisonment of the Bahrag Sisters at the hands of the Toa Mata. It rejoined with it's fellow Bohrok-Kal, and continued to steal Pohatu Nuva's Nuva Symbol. It experienced several run-ins with the Toa Nuva throughout the course of it's mission. As the Bohrok-Kal were about to free the Bahrag Sisters, They were flooded with power from the Nuva Symbols. Pahrak-Kal lost control of it's Plasmatic power, and fell through a hole it melted in the floor.


The Pahrak-Kal


Pahrak-Kal carried two Plasma Shields which it used to direct its power.


Pahrak-Kal was; like all the Bohrok-Kal; convinced of its superiority, making it proud and ignorant. It was hulking and slow, as all Pahrak were traditionally, but was still formidably powerful.


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