Mask of Diminishment
Power(s)Allows user to reduce in size
Notable Wearer(s)Norik

The Kanohi Pehkui was the Mask of Diminishment. It granted its user the ability to compress their form in order to reduce their size. A user of this mask could shrink down to a minimum size of approximetely six inches.
In addition, while in their shrunken state, the user would retain the same amount of strength and power capacity.

Example Usage

Norik used his Pehkui to sneak up on Roodaka, then as he returned to normal size, he was able to knock her down (Comic 25: Birth of the Rahaga).

Pehkui in Action

A Pehkui in Use.

Known Wearers



  • The Pehkui that Norik wore was in the shape of a Kanohi Kiril. This was primarily due to the fact that his set was originally intended to be Toa Dume. However, since Norik was released instead, it was also due to the fact that he honored a past hero with the shape of his mask. This past hero was not Toa Dume, rather another Kiril-Wearer.
  • The picture used above is not a picture of the Pehkui's actual form as that remains unknown due to its only release being in the shape of a Kiril.
  • The Standard Kanohi Pehkui would usually be made from a Shrink Kanoka on Metru Nui.

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