Bohrok Kal Plasma Shield
Plasma Shield
Tool/Weapon Information
FunctionChanneling Plasma
StatusNot in use

Plasma Shields were a pair of weapons utilized by Pahrak-Kal.


Plasma Shield Pahrak Kal Ani

The Plasma Shields being used in the Pahrak-Kal Animation.

The Shields had the ability to channel the Elemental Plasma powers of the Pahrak-Kal, which resulted in the creation of bursts of Plasma. The average temperature of these Elemental bursts could reach a maximum of 2000 °C.

Plasma shield

The Plasma Shield in comic form.

Example Usage

Bohrok-Kal Tools
Lightning Shield  • Sonic Shield  • Vacuum Shield  • Magnetism Shield  • Gravity Shield  • Plasma Shield  

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