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Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsRahi, Po-Matoran
LocationMata Nui

Po-Koro was an village on Mata Nui which the Po-Matoran inhabited. It was the village of Stone.



Po-Koro was formed when the Matoran Universe crash landed on Aqua Magna. Several new islands and land masses were pulled out of the ocean as a result, with the Island of Mata Nui being one of them, Po-Koro was formed during this event.


Po-Koro was later populated by a number of Rahi, who migrated to the island following the Great Cataclysm. Toa Onewa later chose the location as a site for a possible vilalge when the Toa Metru managed to bring the Matoran of Metru Nui there.
The Toa later returned with the Matoran, who helped to construct the settlement using pieces of the broken airships that brought them there.

Po-Koro Bazaar


Bohrok Invasion

For several years in the Dark Time, Po-Koro was threatened by Rahi. The mass of thesee attacks stopped with the arrival of the Toa Mata, who went on to challenge Makuta Teridax. However, following his defeat, he awoke the Bohrok swarms early and used them to attack the vilalges. Po-koro was attacked by a swarm of Bohrok Tahnok. The Matoran were evacuated during the attack and the village was abandoned until the Bohrok were defeated.

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