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Po-Matoran Information
Transform toToa of Stone
Preferred LocationsArid Regions

Po-Matoran were a type of Matoran with minuscule control over the Element of Stone. Po-Matoran generally possessed greater strength than other Matoran and resisted in rocky or desert-like regions. All Po-Matoran were Male.

Abilities and Traits

Unlike most other Matoran, Po-Matoran are not usually found doing intellectual jobs. While life as a Po-Matoran is simple, most Matoran of Stone spend their lives as warriors or carvers, although there have been a number of exceptions to these general guidelines.
Also, Po-Matoran demonstrate a deep passion for sports. The sport of Kolhii is dominated by Po-Matoran due to their competitive nature.
Unlike most other Matoran types, Po-Matoran have a large range of possible color schemes. Although they would customarily be brown, orange, or tan, there have been cases where Po-Matoran have worn yellow, black, or grey armor.

List of Po-Matoran

Ta-Matoran  • Ga-Matoran  • Le-Matoran  • Po-Matoran  • Onu-Matoran  • Ko-Matoran  •
Av-Matoran  • Shadow Matoran  • Fe-Matoran  • Ce-Matoran  • Su-Matoran  • De-Matoran  • Ba-Matoran  • Vo-Matoran  • Matoran of Magnetism  • Matoran of Plant Life

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