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Species Unknown
Kanohi None
  • White
  • Silver
Element None
Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Spear, Paralyzing device
Location Unknow
Status Deceased
Pronunciation None

Primal is a brute Dark Hunter.


"Primal" was originally from an island that was destroyed by Visorak. Primal was a member of a band of survivors of his island who fought against the Visorak spiders. The Shadowed One later recurited him and his team to the Dark Hunters.

Primal loved to collect trophies from his preys, something that led him to refuse any hunt that hadn't had any good trophy as a recompense. Some time during his Dark Hunter live he put a paralysis device under his skin.

Primal is currently active, though he hasn't have a partner.

Dark Mirror

Primal was one of the Dark Hunters in an alternate universe that joined the resistance and assisted in the attempt to kill Tuyet. He battled at the assault at the coliseum, where he killed Tahu, but was drowned to death by Gali when the toa of water formed a water sphere arround Primal's head.

Powers and Tools

"Primal" had no known powers of his own, except for having great strenght and agility. However he wielded a staff and a paralysis device. Primal also has a strong sense of justice, and a great amount of knoweldge.


  • "Guardian" was made by Peter Dolan.


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