Hakann mental blast
Matoran Prefix Ce-
Colors Blue and Gold

Psionics was one of the multiple Elemental Powers in the Matoran Universe.

Species Wielders

Matoran Universe

  • Ce-Matoran
    • Matoran of Psionics contain a minuscule amount of Elemental Psionic energy. All Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Psionics are female.
    • Toa of Psionics can create, control and absorb psionic energy. Their only real limitation is that when they run out of Elemental energy, they must wait for it to recharge.
    • A Turaga of Psionics would have small traces of Elemental Psionics Power.
LoMN Prison of the Dark Hunters Escape

A Kanohi Matatu being used, an example of Psionics.


  • Creating psionic energy
    • Controlling/Moving objects via telekinesis
  • Controlling psionic energy
    • Controlling minds
    • Manipulating dreams
  • Telepathy/projecting thoughts into another's mind
  • Using a Mental Scan on an area
  • Shielding oneself, and others, from visibility
  • Unleashing a Psionics Nova Blast - (Toa exlusive)

Known Users

Matoran Universe


Elements (v|e)

Normal Elements: FireWaterAirStoneEarthIce
ShadowLightIronSandPlant LifePsionics

Legendary Powers: TimeLife

Non-Toa Element: Acid

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