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Rahaga Iruinin
Rahaga Iruini Reviews
Review Information
NameRahaga Iruini
Set Number4879
Number of Reviews2
ColorsDark Green
  • Staff
  • Snag Rhotuka
MaskMutated Kualsi
AvailabilityNo longer widely available

Review 1

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!

Please bear in mind I do not have the set with me at this moment in time and am basing this review off memory.


  • Interesting build: Quite complex. Lots of little pieces and parts. Looked quite effective.
  • Arms: These arms were first seen in 2004 with the Matoran of that age but when added with the Rahaga they looked brittle and thin, perfect for a group of twisted, mutated Toa.
  • New pieces: New orange colored ...thing... (If you can see the picture then it should show as part of the body) the dark green shoulders, Rhotuku, and Rahkshi head. All new at the time.


  • Once the head is on it is really hard to get off. Unlike with the Rahkhi the hole in the head is met with another hole and so you cannot easily take the Rahkhi head off.
  • Litrally identical build to other Rahaga.


In Summary, Iruni Rahaga is a very effective set. He looks pretty cool and has a lot of character in his color as he is identical to the other Rahaga.
8/10. Green is probably one of the new colors by this time. He's pretty good for MOCing.

Review 2

MarvinTheMartian I'll blow up the Earth! It obstructs my view of Venus!


  • Design is not built around a single, bulky piece, like the Metru Nui Matoran, using liftarms and axles too.
  • Dark green Rahkshi head.
  • Orange pieces and golden Rhotuka. I don't know why, I like them even if they don't match the color scheme.


  • Head is hard to get off.
  • Arms are good to represent old characters, but hinder poseability.
  • All the Rahaga are "clones".


Being a small set, he can't be an excellent one. But he's, I don't know why, my favorite Rahaga. 7.5/10

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