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Animation Rorzakh
Species Robots
Group Vahki
Kanohi None
Colors Black, Gray
Element None
Occupation Robots made to enforce the law
Tools Staffs of Presense, Kanoka
Location Onu-Metru
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation New-rahk

Rorzakh were a type of Vahki who patrolled Onu-Metru.


The Rorzakh were the Vahki that patrolled Onu-Metru. They were created, like all Vahki, by Nuparu and their construction was mainly carried out by Po-Matoran.
When Makuta Teridax impersonated Turaga Dume, he made the Toa Metru appear as villains and ordered the Vahki to arrest them. A squad of Rorzakh were responsible for transporting Nuju, Whenua and Onewa to a cell in the Canyon of Unending Whispers. However, the Toa made a run from the Vahki. One Rorzakh managed to use its staff of Presence on Whenua and was able to track him and trap the Toa in a cell.

Comic Toa Metru Escorted by Rorzakh

The Rorzakh escorting the captured Toa Metru.

They were all destroyed when the Visorak invaded Metru Nui.


They were the most persistent of the Vahki and they would often rather face damage than let a target escape from their clutches. In later model types, Nuparu made several attempts to reduce the sense of 'self damage' that the Rorzakh exposed themselves to.
The Rorzakh would generally rely on their Staffs of Presence to detect a target and to allow them to track them.

LoMN Vahki Rorzakh

The Rorzakh in movie form.


  • The set Rorzakh were released in 2004 and included 33 pieces.

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