"You stay here. If I fail, try to break off another piece and try yourself. What am I saying, you’re going to run as soon as my back is turned. All right, if I die, don’t tell anyone how. I don’t want people thinking I was quite this insane and idiotic in my final moments."
— Sahmad to Metus, Sahmad's Tale
Comic Sahmad
Biographical Information
ColorsOrange, black
OccupationRider of the Baranus V7
ToolsWhip, Thornax Launcher
LocationSpherus Magna

Sahmad was an Agori from the Iron Tribe. He is one of the only survivers of a plague that exterminated most of his tribe.


Early Life

Sahmad was kown to have formerly been a member of the Iron Tribe and worked in the Iron mines. The Tribe soon began to experience a 'lack of dreams' which was consdered to be a plague and resulted in the enrite Tribe being shunned. Sahmad, Telluris and a few others managed to escape without contamination. Telluris then introduced the idea of using minerals to change the color of their armor to disguise themselves among the other Agori.

Some time after this, Sahmad journeyed south to Bara Magna where he aquired the Baranus V7 and begun kidnapping Agori and selling them as slaves to the Rock Tribe.

Recently, Sahmad attacked Gresh, Ackar and Kiina, although the three Glatorian defeated the slaver using their elemental powers.

After his defeat Sahmad wandered across the desert and came across Telluris who was mourning his Skopio-XV1 which was sabotaged by a group of Glatorian. Sahmad persuaded Telluris to come with him to the north to try to find the source of the Dreaming Plague that had wiped out his tribe. While traveing north they met Metus and he told them that he couldn't dream anymore. Fearing that the plague was starting again the three searched the surrounding area for any sources. However they were draged underground by a mysterious tentacled being. After going through a series of illusions Sahmad found that the Sisters of the Skrall were wroking for the creature. Sahmad and his two allies ran for the surface only to find that the creature was already their. The creature who name was revealed to be Annona transported all three of them to Aqua Magna and attacked the fortress that the golden skinned being had created.

609px-Set Agori Sahmad

Sahmad in set form

Abilities and Traits

Being an Agori of the Iron Tribe, Sahmad would have been somewhat more muscular than other types of Agori but would have had not Elemental Powers.
Naturally, Sahmad would have been colored Dark Blue and Gray. However, following the Dreaming Plague Epidemic, Sahmad had to change his color scheme to Orange and Black.


"History will tell you that I am a monster, a slaver, someone who made a living capturing my fellow Agori and selling them to the Skrall. I'd be a fool to lie and pretend I did not do those things; of course I did."
Sahmad's Tale

Set Information

Sahmad was released as the driver of the Baranus V7 set of mid-2009, using 32 of the set's 263 pieces. He wielded a sword, with an attached Thornax Launcher, in his right hand and a whip in his left hand. He also had a Life Counter connected to his back, for use in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game. The Baranus V7 also has a two headed creature that pulls the carridge.


Iron Tribe(v|e)

Leader: Unknown

Glatorian: Telluris

Agori: Sahmad

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