DoD Sand Bat
Sand Bat
Species Information
ColorsBlack and muted Green
HomelandBara Magna
Species StatusUnknown

Sand Bats are a type of bat that despises sunlight. It lives underground.


Metus and Toa Mata Nui were traveling to Vulcanus when suddenly they were attacked by a Sand Bat. The bat knocked the vehicle they were using and went under the sand, continuing the attack the bat made the Metus and Mata Nui try to escape only for Mata Nui to be picked up and be dropped by the savage bat. Mata Nui tried to knock of the Bats mask, this did not work because the Bat did not have a mask. Mata Nui figured out the bats weakness, he two worked hard to keep the bat above ground and keep it in direct sunlight. Mata Nui let the bat escape telling Metus the bat had learnt its lesson.

Powers and Abilities

The Sand bat has a weakness against sunlight, this makes the bats stay underground and they must attack quickly if they can beat their Pray.


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