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Sea Sled
Tool/Weapon Information
StatusIn use

You may be looking for the Lesovikk & Sea Sled Reviews.

The Sea Sled was a vehicle used by Toa Lesovikk.


The Sea Sled was constructed during Lesovikk's time as a wanderer. He later mounted his Cordak Blaster to the Sled while visiting Xia in the past.
When Lesovikk damned himself to the Pit he brought the Sea Sled with him to use. When he arrived in the Pit he noticed a Ta-Matoran being thrown into a circle of Takea Sharks. He mounted his Sea Sled and attacked the Rahi by slamming the vehicle into them. He rescued the Matoran and realized it was Sarda, a close friend of his who had been banished to Karzahni by an insane Turaga. Lesovikk did not use the Sea Sled for the remainder of his time in Dreams of Destruction but it is known that he still uses it.

Set Infomation

  • The Sea Sled was released in late 2007, along with the Lesovikk figure. This Set's item number was 8939.
  • The set set contained 148 pieces.
  • Due to a mistake made during the Set's manufacture, a number of Lesovikk and the Sea Sled sets were missing pieces. This led to the sets being recalled and rereleased again with the missing piece included.

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