Shadow Leech
Species Brotherhood of Makuta
Homeland Destral
Abilities Fangs
Species Status Extinct
Pronunciation Sh-ah-dow Lee-ch

Shadow Leeches were mutated Kraata that resembled Leeches.



The Shadow Leeches were created a number of years ago by Makuta Chirox, Makuta Mutran, and Makuta Tridax by exposing different Kraata to Energized Protodermis. Upon later experiments, Tridax invented the Tridax Pod to house the leeches.

Comic Shadow Leech

A Shadow Leech in Comic Form.

Powers & Abilities

The Shadow Leech could completely drain the light of their being, resulting in them becoming corrupted and likely serving the Brotherhood after surrendering to a darker side. In addition to this, the Shadow Leech established a Sonic Barrier around a target, stopping light from returning to the body of the corrupted being. However, the screams of a Klakk could reverse its effects by breaking this sonic barrier.

CGI Shadow Leech

A Shadow Leech in Karda-Nui.


Set Infomation

  • Only 20 Shadow Leeches were released with the five Makuta Phantoka sets.
  • On the back of the Shadow Leech, there is a plus rod insert slot.


  • Theoretically, a Toa of Sonics would also be able to disrupt this barrier but this had yet to be proven true.

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