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Shadow Matoran
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The Shadow Matoran were a type of Matoran who were drained of their inner Light by a Shadow Leech.


The Shadow Matoran were the result of an experiment done by Makuta Chirox, Mutran and Tridax. It consisted in using mutated Kraata, called Shadow Leeches. These could attach to a victim and drain all of his/her inner Light, creating a barrier to prevent the Light from returning. The first two Shadow Matoran were Vican, a Le-Matoran assistant of Mutran who volunteered for the experiment, and Vultraz, a Ta-Matoran.

The first Av-Matoran To be turned in a Shadow Matoran was Gavla (who became the leader of the Shadow Matoran on Karda Nui), at the hands of Chirox. Soon, all of the innhabitants of Stalactite villages but one were corrupted. When Matoro used the Ignika in Karda Nui, a strong light blinded the three Makuta who were there, and so they were forced to choose Shadow Matoran to ride on their back, in order to estabilish a mental contact with them and seeing through their eyes.
Antroz e Radiak

Radiak linked to Antroz.

Later Mutran created a Klakk, and Vican discovered that its sonic scream could shatter the mental barrier, thus allowing Light to return. He then revealed it to Takanuva, who managed to cure all the corrupted Matoran in Karda Nui.

Currently there isn't any Shadow Matoran in the Matoran Universe, because Vultraz, the only remaining one, is trapped in The Melding Dimension.

Abilities and Traits

After Light draining, Matoran lose their elemental ability, which is replaced with Shadow. They also grow bat-like wings and claws, and one of their armor colors is replaced by black. They also become inherently evil. Former Av-Matoran also gain access to other abilities, if connected to a Toa or Makuta.

Upon mutation, a mental barrier is created to prevent Light from returning. However, this always works for Shadow Leeches only. In fact, if Light is drained by an Avsa or Gorast's stinger, the drain has to be total in order to create the barrier. This barrier can be broken by the scream of a Klakk.

Known Shadow Matoran

Vultraz Karda Nui

Vultraz, the only current Shadow Matoran

  • Kirop - Cured
  • Gavla - Cured
  • Radiak - Cured
  • Vican - Cured
  • Vultraz
  • An unknown Shadow Matoran, who Chirox mutated to act as a steed for Vican
  • Several unknown Shadow Matoran who followed the Makuta down to the swamp.


  • As the Shadow Matoran did not consider themselves a Tribe, they did not use the prefix 'Kra' when describing their group.
  • Shadow Matoran are not mutated as a result of being struck by a Shadow Leech, their appearances were later altered by Makuta Mutran, and were not undone when the Shadow Matoran were cured as they were not part of their transformation.
Shadow Matoran (v|e)

Current: Vultraz

Transformed: Radiak • Gavla  • Vican  • Kirop

Ta-Matoran  • Ga-Matoran  • Le-Matoran  • Po-Matoran  • Onu-Matoran  • Ko-Matoran  •
Av-Matoran  • Shadow Matoran  • Fe-Matoran  • Ce-Matoran  • Su-Matoran  • De-Matoran  • Ba-Matoran  • Vo-Matoran  • Matoran of Magnetism  • Matoran of Plant Life
Brotherhood of Makuta (v

Former leaders: Teridax • Miserix

Former Members: (All Deceassed) Vamprah  • Antroz  • Gorast  • Krika  • Chirox  • Bitil  • Mutran  • Icarax  • Kojol  • Tridax

Former Servants and Allies: Sidorak (Deceassed)  • Rahkshi  • Visorak  • Exo-Toa  • Roodaka  • Brutaka  • Toa Hagah  • Ahkmou  • Shadow Matoran  • Pridak

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