"The females of her species had been gifted from birth with psionic powers, strong enough to enable them to withstand the hatred and violence of the males and to resist the baterra."
— Narration, Empire of the Skrall

The Sisters of the Skrall are a group on Bara Magna consisting exclusively of female Skrall. They wee shunned by the male Skrall, who abandoned the group when the Skrall army moved to southern Bara Magna. At one point, Tuma and Stronius traveled to meet with the Sister's leader. Together, they made a bargain: Tuma told them where a Great Being might be, and the Sisters would help in the fight against the Baterra.

Known Sisters

  • The Leader
  • A staff-carrying Skrall
  • A female Skrall said to have encountered Angonce
  • Six others who were with the leader


Unlike almost all other beings on Bara Magna, the Sisters all possess powerful mental abilities, which allow them to cause intense pain and create mental illusions. They are feared by the male Skrall because of this, and are isolated from them.


"The figure on the throne rose and removed her hood. She wore no helmet or armor. Her face was a dark gray in color, wizened and weathered. Tuma knew appearances were deceiving."
— Narration, Empire of the Skrall


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